words by David Shirreff

music by Russell Sarre

LOOKING for another chance to shock and delight audiences in and around Euroland!

FIVE years since the euro crisis began, and three years since this play had its premiere, the woes of the single currency have not gone away. 

MEET Mark and Gilda – the Hansel and Gretel of Euroland – as they discover the fantasy world of the single currency. Meet Papa Kohl and Madame Mitterrand, the charming couple who hold it all together; meet the Snake, a clanky prototype; Jean-Claude Trichet, the last great eurocrat; the PIIGS, paying for past profligacy; the dark eminence of the mighty Bundesbank; and the wild, exotic currencies of central Europe. With guest appearances by Angela Merkel, David Cameron and François Hollande.

ALL this packed into a pantomime. Vicious rhymes, great music. From the creators of 2010's sell-out Broke Britannia!

It wasn’t meant to be like this. Those wise men who dreamed up the single currency believed that nations which were once at war would bury their differences and grow ever more closely together. Dream on! The plan, based on a misunderstanding of human behaviour and the nature of markets, was fatally flawed.

"In another fifty years

We'll have long forgot our tears

And remembered all these antics

As the product of romantics.

It was a worthy cause

With fundamental flaws

A communal endeavour

That couldn't last forever."