EuroCrash back in London

After a stupendous opening in 2011, with performances at the OSO Arts Centre in Barnes, and the Cockpit Theatre in Marylebone, EuroCrash! toured Berlin, Frankfurt and Birmingham in 2012, The show returned to Berlin and Frankfurt in 2013. It had two famous one-night stands, one at The Ambassadors Theatre in London's West End on February 19th and the other at the German Federal Finance Ministry on May 16th. Surprisingly, the fairy tale seemed as topical then as when it first appeared in September 2011, give or take a few changes of personnel among the uncrowned heads of Europe.

We are always ready for proposals to revive the show. Even today, however much Mr Draghi of the European Central Bank may protest otherwise, the ingredients are there for an almighty Eurocrash if Europe's financial leadership takes its eye off the ball for a second.

The show was reported widely in the press thanks to a couple of alert German correspondents who spotted its debut in London: the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitungdpa (Deutsche Presse Agentur), Handelsblatt, Tagesspiegel, the Berliner Zeitung, Spiegel Online, n-tv, Les Echos, El Pais, Die Presse (Vienna), Japan TV, Israel Broadcasting Authority and CBC of Canada were among those to carry stories. (see links below)

In September we returned to Prime Time Theater in Berlin and played again in Frankfurt, this time at the International Theater.

Also in September we performed at Birmingham Town Hall on the eve of the UKIP (UK Independence Party) Party Conference. The audience gave EuroCrash a standing ovation.

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