Russell Sarre - composer
Australian-born Russell (1963) began his musical education by learning the organ at the age of eight in Papua New Guinea. Later, he took up the guitar and composition. He has composed music for theatre, musical theatre, film, dance, and the concert stage and his music has been performed in many countries. His first musical was a collaboration with Robyn Archer called The Bridge. Thanks to his life in music, Russell is all too familiar with financial crises, is singularly qualified to sing about it, and will happily do so for his supper. Russell currently lives with his family in Houston, Texas. He is writing an opera for Freedom Studios about turf-wars in the ice cream-vendor industry.

David Shirreff - writer
David’s day job until June 2014 was writing about business and finance for The Economist. But there are some things even that great newspaper won’t print - Britain’s financial crisis reduced to an 80-minute pantomime, for instance. Fred the Shred and other jokers inspired him to write Broke Britannia! the Musical in 2009 and, after finding a friend crazy and inspired enough to write the music, take it to the Edinburgh Fringe in 2010. EuroCrash! was an obvious sequel. The last in the Credit Crunch Trilogy, Barack and the Beanstalk, had its premiere in September 2014. The next musical, if it ever sees the light of day, will be SERIOUS!